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Business plan

Are you worried that your product won’t reach its full potential? Do you have an idea but don’t know if it’s worth pursuing? Are you amazed at how quickly some companies enter the market and succeed online? Do you need a clear basis for investing in a new business venture?

Whether you are a corporate group, a medium-sized company or a start-up, the creation of a successful business plan forces everyone to deal intensively with the business idea and its implementation. As a neutral companion we support you and your team to develop an honest business plan. You will receive financial as well as customer-oriented decision bases, which you can additionally use as objective key figures during the implementation.

Turning your business idea into a success doesn’t have to be overwhelming. As a neutral companion, our team will support you in creating a comprehensive and effective business plan, tailored to your specific needs as a corporate group, medium-sized company, or start-up. With our guidance, you’ll receive financial and customer-focused insights that will help guide your implementation and ensure your idea reaches its full potential. So why wait? Take your business to the next level today. Let us be your trusted partner and help turn your vision into reality!

Bizi Talk

Take the first step towards turning your business idea into a reality! Schedule a free “Bizi Talk” workshop with us today. Our experts will get a comprehensive understanding of your unique situation and conduct a short research. Within just 3 working days, you’ll receive an assessment of your idea’s potential for success and a comprehensive offer for the creation of a winning business plan. Don’t wait – secure your business future with us now!

Roadmap to your business plan

The conception of the business plan will follow the work packages listed below. Thereby decision bases as well as tasks for the implementation are compiled.

Busines plan consulting 1

1. Team up

We mingle with your team for one day to gain an understanding of the product or idea and the value chain behind it. The result serves as a first positioning. The focus is to create understanding for your product and to build knowledge for the development of the business model.

  • Product positioning
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Supply chain
  • Delivery

2. Workshop

In a joint workshop, the contents and work packages of the business plan are developed interactively. Step by step we specify the implementation of your idea.

  • Strategy: Mission, trends, market, values, target group
  • Sales: Pricing, sales planning, sales channels, marketing concept
  • Financial planning
    • Product costing
    • Best case, worst case scenarios based on simplified financial planning
    • Optional: Integrated planning calculation with budgeted balance sheet, financial plan and income statement
Business advisory

3. Final business plan

You will receive a clear and comprehensive business plan that outlines the implementation of your concept, including distinct work packages and timelines. This business plan will provide you with all the necessary decision-making information for budgeting and will serve as a roadmap for the successful execution of your vision. The focus will be on developing a serious and well-structured business plan that meets your goals and objectives. By working closely with your team, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands their role in bringing your vision to life.

Non-disclosure agreement

Honesty is an important concern for us. We are happy to record this in a written confidentiality agreement to allow for more openness in our cooperation.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!

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